Everything is on-site

Our conference package includes the following services to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Included in the price:
  • 1 flipchart, 1 moderator's kit
  • 1 laser pointer
  • Notepad and pen for every participant
  • Wireless internet throughout the hotel
  • 1 Metaplan board with paper
  • Wall and floor connections for personal notebooks
Not included :
  • Overhead projector
  • Projector
  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • Slide projector
  • Microphone + loudspeaker syste
  • Notebook
  • Episcope
  • Overhead markers
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Photocopying
  • Flipchart paper
  • Poster board
  • Additional Metaplan boards

Our meeting rooms

Creative work included

Our event area offers you the right possibility for concentrated work or creative thinking, for a meeting or in a conference, seminar or in a retreat.

Three meeting rooms with 3.0m ceilings and 130 m² square footage can be combined for up to 100 people. Of course, all rooms are fully climate-controlled and are sound-insulated with ceiling-high windows. The dynamic lighting supports all your work.

The room furnishings are all high quality and are characterized by functionality and timeless elegance. You can control the room's air conditioning or heating on request.
Get an overview of the room combination options and variations for uses that are available to you. We are happy to provide you with the necessary conference technologies.

You benefit from:

  • Friendly and competent staff
  • Free wireless LAN
  • Bright and well-lit rooms
  • Air conditioning and heating you can adjust yourself in the rooms
  • Private patio
  • Stylish decor
  • 24-hour beverage service
  • Excellent transport links to the city centre by car or public transit
  • Close to nature (jogging & walking at the "Schwentinewanderweg")
  • Maritime flair

Rooms and seating capacities

Plenty of space for all

„Schoner“ Raum 1

  • up to 30 people
  • 53 sq m, 3 m ceiling height

„Ketch“ Raum 2

  • up to 30 people
  • 53 sq mm, 3 m ceiling height

„Kutter“ Raum 3

  • up to 30 people
  • 53 sq m, 3 m ceiling height

„Brigg“ Raum 1+2

  • up to 30 people
  • 53 sq m, 3 m ceiling height

„Bark“ Raum 1+2+3

  • up to 30 people
  • 53 sq m, 3 m ceiling height

Seating overview

Flexible and individual

Below we have included suggested seating arrangements for our rooms.  
We work with your suggestions and are happy to provide you with a custom offer.